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2012 Ushers In a New Site

First of all I do realize that this is a little late out of the gate; however Happy New Year. It has been quite awhile since I have maintained a personal website. In fact the last time that I published my website was in 2006. Bad Day by Daniel Powter as ruling the airwaves and we all died a little inside in the process.

I created this new website to share some of the design projects that I am working on. Also this site will serve as a place to aggregate and share neat things I find. I know that creating a blog in the age of Facebook may be futile and white noise; but this is me claiming my piece of the internet.

Excuse The Mess

I do realize that there is not a whole lot of content on this yet but hopefully that will change soon. Some areas may seem broke or empty. One thing that overhauling my site allowed me to do was create my own CMS/blogging platform from scratch. That's right. All the code on this site was crafted by these hands, not some other company's. I will write up that process in a more technical (and boring) post later.

Again excuse the mess, and thanks for stopping by.


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