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A few months ago a friend of mine was working on a website for a client that needed an image gallery. My friend is fairly new to web development so he wasn't sure about the best way to approach this. He finally decided that he wanted a simple gallery, that pulled the photos from Flickr and wanted jQuery to power it. He found some jQuery plugins that existed already, but they were all over-kill or he could not get them to work. When he told me about his problems I took a look at the Flickr API and told him that it would be a piece of cake to make your own plugin, and that is just what I did.

Simplr Gallery Is Born

I decided to develop a down and dirty jQuery plugin that pulls what ever Flickr photo set you feed it. I did build in some options, but also tried to leave it open enough so the developer could style or do what they wanted with it.

This Is Great! But Where Can I Get This Plugin?

You can find more information on this plugin was well as the link to download it on the plugin's page.


  1. Sean

    Hey Robert. If you are asking if you can have the script I have made it available on GitHub, and you can download it here: Simplr Gallery. You can find additional documentation for the plugin on the GitHub page or on the plugin page here: The lightbox affect is mainly done using CSS and should work in most modern browsers. Let me know if this answers your questions, or if you have any further questions. Thanks!

  2. Robert

    Hello, I like your Simplr Gallery Flickr script. I have question: can i have full script with image opening and that lightbox view (or what is that when i click on image)?